Hey, I am Jatin Sharma. A Front-end Developer/React Developer from India who loves to design and code. I use React.js or Next.js to build the web application interfaces and the functionalities. At the moment, I am pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science.

My interest in computers started at a very young age, and I was very eager to learn as much as I could about them. I remember my first website that I made years ago, which had a terrible interface and design. The purpose of it was to download pirated movies and stuff like that. It is unfortunate that I don't have the code.

From then I started to learn about web development through many video tutorials, documentations and articles. The first programming language I learned was C. Since then, I have also learned Python. I also played around with databases, but Firebase is my favorite right now.

Aside from coding, I write about web development stuff on my blog as well. I don't have the time or really any interest in playing video games these days. However, I also enjoy watching some Sci-Fi movies and web series whenever I have the chance.

If you were to ask me what stack I would prefer, I would say

  • Framework - Next.js

  • Database : Firebase

  • CSS - TailwindCSS

You can do anything you can think of with these three things. Next.js is an open-source web development framework built on top of Node.js enabling React-based web applications functionalities such as server-side rendering and generating static websites.

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Jatin Sharma

React Developer and Blogger